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Society Invite is part of a Marketing Group that consists of 3 networks, a top ranked internet marketing and SEO forum, several CPA offers and hundreds of websites owned and operated by Internet Entrepreneur Ben Cagle.

Following a career operating successful offline businesses, Ben entered the world of online business experimenting with all aspects of internet marketing and mastering SEO. Ben developed and built one of the top internet marketing and SEO forums online today: . MMD's basic principles are to encourage open collaboration for marketers in all areas and experience levels.

"MMD has always been different than other marketing forums in that we have always encouraged collaboration and tried to discourage negativity. We want a community where all marketers are welcome as long as they collaborate in a positive way." - Ben Cagle aka "Doc" on MMD

From MMD, Ben developed contacts in the network marketing community on the publisher and advertiser side that are second to none in the industry.

He explains, "I had super-affiliates that were members of my forum that were reaching out to me literally on a daily basis voicing their concern and frustration that the networks they were sending massive amounts of traffic to either didn't have the cash-flow or the desire to pay them quickly. This lack of cash-flow on the publishers side, severely limited their earning potential so I stepped in and started a private, closed network to address their concerns for these super-affiliates from MMD only and only by invitation. I started by reaching out to the advertiser contacts I had made and was able to negotiate better and faster payment terms than the publishers were getting direct. This allowed me to pay them Net 5 in most cases which enabled them to scale more and I found I could beat most payouts on the offers and payout faster than the competition and still make a small margin. My publishers and forum members loved it."

Last year Ben asked Chris Patrick, one of the members of his private network to join him as the Network Manager to run the new Society Invite. The goal was to open the network to new membership, but keep the same standards of high volume, quality publishers that had made the closed network such a success.

Since launching publicly, Society Invite has grown exponentially in terms of offers, support staff, active publishers, earnings and profitability for their members.  

"Since we opened the network to new members, we have been able to take the positive experience our members were having in the 'private' network and bring it to more people. It has been a positive experience in so many ways: More volume equals better terms on our traffic, which means more publishers can benefit from our payment terms and EPCs, which is introducing people to the forum, which helps marketers wanting to learn more and collaborate with top marketers. It has been a lot of work launching such a large project, but I have really enjoyed bringing a network to the publishers and have the opportunity to address some of the concerns I had encountered as a publisher prior to working with Ben. I was determined to operate a different and better network. From the feedback we are receiving and the results we are achieving, it sounds like we are doing just that." - Chris Patrick, Network Manager

Ben Cagle currently operates: Society Invite, MoneyMakerDiscussion Forum, MMDCash (adult CPA Network), StuckAds (Content locking/incentive Network) as well as hundreds of other online properties and offers. If you would be interested in contacting Ben regarding a potential business opportunity or Joint Venture, please fill in the contact form and he will be back in contact with you.

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