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The first TRUE private affiliate network - You need an invite code just to apply. This is because we are not interested in working with every publisher, we are only interested in working with the BEST. By maintaining an invitation only community of high volume publishers we are able to optimize traffic quality which allows us to negotiate the best payment terms from our advertisers equating to the highest rates and Net 5 payments on over 900 international offers.

High volume publishers love us because with our slim margins and bank breaking EPCs they make significantly more money and get paid every week consistently. Our proprietary software ensures the most accurate tracking and the most secure and accurate stats reporting. Interested? Are you an ELITE marketer? Do you have the results to prove that fact? Request an INVITE CODE at the right and see if you qualify.

Advertisers realize Society Invite is different when they see our traffic quality and volume metrics. Our publishers are high volume experts in their marketing medium and it shows in the traffic quality and volume. If you are an Advertiser and would like to setup a winning pay for performance campaign with Society Invite, visit our advertisers page here.

Publishers join Society Invite because we offer the top rates in the industry on hundreds of offers. They stay due to the first class support, accurate custom tracking, Net 5 payouts and EPCs that blow away the competition. Ready to join the BEST of the BEST publishers in the industry? Visit our publishers page and find out if you qualify here.

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